7: The Path: Nurturing Strong Relationships Within Your Family.

communicating with kids

Welcome to the Strong Family Project Podcast, where we discuss how to build and maintain strong relationships within your family. In this episode, we’ll explore the importance of nurturing relationships in the household and how it can help create a positive and supportive family environment. We’ll begin by discussing the different types of relationships within […]

6: The Path: Sleep Tight, Building Strong Family Bonds Through Evening Debrief Method

Welcome to the Strong Family Project Podcast, where we discuss how to build a strong family through bedtime reading and conversation. Mell calls it “the evening debrief system.” In this episode, we’ll explore the importance of establishing a consistent evening routine that includes quality time together, reading, and good conversation. We’ll begin by discussing the […]

5: The Path: Strong Family Table, Power of Conversation and Gratitude in Family Dinners.

Welcome to the Strong Family Project Podcast episode where we discuss the importance of family dinner habits like quality conversation and sharing gratitude. In this episode, we’ll be exploring how these habits can strengthen the bond between family members and create a positive atmosphere around the dinner table. We’ll begin by talking about the benefits […]

3: The Path: Family Meeting System That Kids Love And Ask For!

Are you looking for a way to improve communication and strengthen bonds within your family? Then you won’t want to miss our latest podcast episode on family meetings (that won’t put you and your kids to sleep)! In this episode, we dive into the importance of regular family meetings and how they can benefit everyone […]

Creating Your Family Core Values: Strong Family Path Part 1 of 7

Here’s the full episode transcript: Here we go. Welcome to the first episode of the Strong Family Podcast. I’m Joe. I’m here with my lovely wife, Mel, give you the very quick introduction so we can get to this first episode on Core. . So the Strong Family Podcast Unit can expect to see us […]

4: The Path: Creating a Drama Free Family Morning Routine!

kids morning routine

Welcome to our podcast on how to establish a healthy family morning routine that includes exercise and good habits!  It’s important for you and your kids to set up for the day.  In this episode, we’ll share some tips and ideas on how you can create a morning routine that sets a positive tone for […]

2: The Path: Complete Guide to Family Goal Setting

family goal setting

In this Strong Family Project episode, we discuss the importance of family goal setting and how it can lead to greater alignment with your family core values (episode 1) and help build a child’s self confidence. Mell and Joe share their insights and practical tips on how to set achievable family goals, communicate effectively, and […]

1: The Path: Your Plan To Pick Family Core Values That Stick

family core values

https://youtu.be/wOx4pGzeu4M Welcome to the Strong Family Podcast with your hosts, Joe and Mell. In this episode, Joe and Mell explore the importance of core values in building a strong and healthy family relationship. Join our hosts as they discuss the benefits of establishing family core values, how to identify and prioritize them, and how to […]

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