43: Simple Parenting Language Phrase For BIG Impact On Your Kids

Welcome to The Strong Family Project podcast, where we guide you on the path to raising confident, independent, and resilient children in a strong family environment. In this transformative episode, hosted by Joe and Mell, we delve into the power of language and how it can shape the dynamics within your family. Discover the profound […]

29: Connection First, Correction Second: Using “Discipline” To Build Stronger Family Ties

Join Joe and Mell on The Strong Family Project as they explore the importance of building connection before making corrections within your family.  In this enlightening episode, they discuss the profound impact of prioritizing connection as a foundation for effective communication and conflict resolution. Learn practical strategies and gain expert insights on nurturing deeper understanding, […]

My Family Doesn’t Respect My Values

Tomorrow, Mell and I are dropping our first full question an answer episode on The Strong Family Project. This question jumped out to me: Here’s one of the questions we’ll tackle: So something happened today that has been on my mind ever since and I feel like you might be the only one who gets […]

17: The Connection Game: Conversation Starter Hack For Families – 10 Minute Tuesday

Welcome to the Strong Family Project podcast, hosted by Joe and Mell Hashey! If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your family’s relationships, then you’ve come to the right place. In this episode, we’re bringing you a fun and engaging dinner time conversation game that will help your family connect on a deeper level. At […]

7: The Path: Nurturing Strong Relationships Within Your Family.

communicating with kids

Welcome to the Strong Family Project Podcast, where we discuss how to build and maintain strong relationships within your family. In this episode, we’ll explore the importance of nurturing relationships in the household and how it can help create a positive and supportive family environment. We’ll begin by discussing the different types of relationships within […]

3 Ways To Better Family Communication

Effective communication is a critical component of any healthy family dynamic. Positive communication helps to build stronger bonds, promote understanding and trust, and reduce misunderstandings and conflict. However, communication isn’t always easy, and it can be difficult to know how to effectively communicate with family members. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but let’s start with […]

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