32: Outnumbered: Big Family Insights and Strategies from Moms of 19 Kids!

Welcome to The Strong Family Path podcast! In this captivating episode, hosts Joe and Mell are joined by the dynamic duo of Outnumbered The Podcast, Audrey and Bonnie. Together, these fun-loving moms bring their wealth of wisdom and experiences from parenting a combined total of 19 kids. Discover the secrets of managing a full household […]

12: BONUS: How You Celebrate and Rewards featuring 11 yr old Henry


In this special episode of The Strong Family Project, you’ll hear it from both a parent and their 11 year old child.   We all want to celebrate our successes and milestones, but it’s important to find ways that teach core values.  With a little creativity, you can make celebrations more memorable than the classic […]

1: The Path: Your Plan To Pick Family Core Values That Stick

family core values

https://youtu.be/wOx4pGzeu4M Welcome to the Strong Family Podcast with your hosts, Joe and Mell. In this episode, Joe and Mell explore the importance of core values in building a strong and healthy family relationship. Join our hosts as they discuss the benefits of establishing family core values, how to identify and prioritize them, and how to […]

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