57: 7 Parenting Influence Strategies You NEED In Your Home

Parenting Influence & Guiding Kids | Strong Family Project Hey there, fellow parents and caregivers! Are you ready to unlock the incredible power of influence you have within your household? Join us, Joe and Mell, your hosts from the Strong Family Project, in today's eye-opening video where we delve into the magic that happens within […]

56: How To Get Your Kids (and you!) Outside More | Outdoor Parenting Tips

In this episode of the Strong Family Project Podcast with Joe and Mell, we're delving into the significant advantages of integrating outdoor activities into your family routine. Join us as we discuss the numerous benefits of disconnecting from screens and immersing your family in the beauty of the natural world. We explore how outdoor adventures […]

55: 5 Strategies To Boost Parenting PATIENCE!

In this episode, the Strong Family Project delves into crucial strategies for parents to cultivate patience during those trying family moments. Navigating the complexities of parenting requires a deep well of patience, and we're here to provide actionable insights to help you thrive. Episode Highlights: The Power of Presence: Learn how being fully present can […]

54: “One Saying You Should NEVER Use With Kids” – Ivy League Linguist

Hey there, parents and caregivers! In this eye-opening video, we're diving into the powerful phrase “It Is What It Is” and how to use it as a secret weapon for nurturing emotional intelligence in our kids.  Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 01:15 The Magic of “It Is What It Is” 04:30 Teaching Kids Emotional Resilience 08:15 Controlling […]

53: Q&A Special: Because I said so, Ungrateful kids, Ethics and more…

🎙️ In today's engaging discussion, we tackle many common parenting questions Join us as we delve into effective strategies to navigate this parenting challenge: Empowerment through Choice: We explore the power of offering children options to choose from when faced with a “no.” This approach maintains their sense of control and encourages cooperation. 🙌 Confidence […]

How To Challenge Other’s Beliefs

family core values

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49: Mastering Screen Time: A Parent’s Guide to Tech Usage for Kids!

🎙️ Tune In to a Game-Changing Podcast Episode: “Navigating Tech Time for Kids” 🎙️ Get ready to dive deep into the dynamic world of parenting in the digital age! Join me in this eye-opening podcast episode where Joe and Mell from the Strong Family Project uncover the untold secrets of managing tech time and screen […]

46: Strategy That Empowers Children to Make a Positive Impact and Add Value

Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Strong Family Project podcast! Join Mell and Joe as they explore the profound impact of teaching children the importance of adding value to others. In this thought-provoking discussion, they delve into the idea that our actions and choices not only shape our own lives but also have a […]

34: 12 Parenting Tips We Wish We Learned Sooner | Strong Family Project


Welcome to the Strong Family Project podcast, where Joe and Mell Hashey share their journey and wisdom on building a strong and thriving family. In this insightful episode, we delve into the 12 key lessons we wish we had known when we first started our family. Whether you’re a new parent or seeking guidance on […]

33: Be An Emotional Ninja: Elevating Family Outcomes Through Calmness

Welcome to The Strong Family Project podcast, where we provide valuable insights and practical strategies for creating resilient and thriving families. In this empowering episode, we explore the profound impact of managing emotions and staying calm on your family’s well-being and overall outcomes. Join us on this transformative conversation as we unlock the secrets to […]

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