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Our program is designed to provide parents with the tools, resources and confidence they need to effectively navigate the challenges of parenthood.

You’ll find valuable information, including expert advice from parenting professionals, real-life stories from parents just like you, and interactive tools to help you track your family’s progress and set goals for the future.


Our Progress Pillars


Are you looking for a better way to run your household and open to ideas?
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Take bits and pieces from the strong family path to sprinkle into your family. You’ll quickly realize how well it works and want to implement more.

Build your strong family

We’ll teach you the 7 Strong Family Pillars and guide you through running your strong family!


You’ll Learn How To:

Build a strong and loving bond with your child, without becoming their personal butler.

Encourage your child's unique talents and interests, without becoming their assistant.

Create a safe and nurturing environment for your child, without becoming a helicopter parent.

Communicate effectively with your child, without losing control of your heart rate.

Set boundaries and establish clear rules, without becoming a dictator.

Help your child develop positive self-esteem, without becoming a robotic cheerleader.

Prepare your child for success in school and beyond, without becoming a homework nag.

Raise your child to have good character, without creating a cookie cutter version of yourself.

Accomplish all of this without feeling overwhelmed and sacrificing the relationship between the parents.


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