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The Hashey family was living a normal life. Joe was a high school teacher and business owner. Mell was a former social worker turned stay-at-home mom of three. Then 2020 happened and turned their family upside down.

They found themselves giving up their “dream home” and moving 2,000 miles away to a town where they didn’t know anybody.

It was the best thing that could have happened for their family.

Joe and Mell used their experience to build the Strong Family Co. framework that any family can use to establish values and stress free family leadership.

About Joe

Joe has his Masters in Education from Colgate University where he played a few years of football before four knee surgeries ended that dream.  He went on to be an award winning high school Social Studies teacher for 8 years and local youth coach.  

Joe’s father passed from preventable health issues while Joe was in college.  With that passion, Joe launched a local personal training company to help busy adults live longer and healthier lives.  He’s been a leader in the area for 15 years and was named the Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Person of the Year in 2018. 

He realized he was spending more time on his business than on his family and that needed re-balancing fast.  Now Joe is a business consultant for companies coast to coast and he uses those lessons to guide the most important organization in his life…his family.

About Mell

Mell has a Masters in Social Work from New York University. After 5 years of counseling families in abusive situations, she gave birth to her second son and decided to dedicate herself to being a stay at home mom.

She consistently seeks opportunities to be involved in her children’s school, including volunteering weekly in her sons’ classrooms and participating in the middle school Student Accountability Committee.

She pours herself into being a mindfully present and intentional mother throughout the various phases of her sons’ childhoods.

About The Kids

Henry, Logan, and Everett round out the family.

Currently, Henry loves soccer and is “okay” with school.
Logan enjoys after school robotics and youth group has really helped him come out of his shell.

Everett was the last to the party and has completed the family. He is a specialist at naming the makes and model of every truck we drive by.

Of course it’s amazing to see their “likes” change year to year, as they build on a strong foundation of family core values.

The Hashey Family


Joe and Mell Hashey were married in 2006 and lived a normal life.  At the beginning, they lived in half of a duplex and rented out the other half to save money.  Eventually that grew to 8 units and they were able to afford their “dream house.” 

Joe was a high school teacher, Mell was a social worker, and they had three sons.  By their early 30s, the family lived on a picture perfect 6 acres with 2 ponds, gardens, a barn (home gym) and a simple farm house.  Joe loved the zero turn lawn mower and Mell enjoyed looking at the evening fireflies.  
Neighbors would use the upstate New York Hashey property for wedding photos and it was a gathering place for all.

Then 2020 happened…

When their sons couldn’t be in-person for education, they knew it was time to make tough decisions.  Mell stepped up and home-schooled the boys for the next year.  Together the family bonded, crafted core values and a family meeting structure and built out a framework to guide them (the same framework shared with you as the Strong Family Path).  

With another school year up in the air, it was time to leave and put their feet in a place that supported their values.  

They researched for a week and flew out to the mountains of Colorado.  Neither had been to the area before and knew no one.  Joe and Mell were nervously driving to the first house on the list.  On the way, they noticed an “open house” sign at the local elementary school.  They walked in on a whim and were blown away by the outdoor and experiential education program they offered.  The next day they bought that house and moved across the country to rebuild everything. 

Mell found a family church and Joe liquidated the long term rental units to redirect into short term rentals.  He spent the next year writing a book about life, exclusively for his sons.  They received their father’s book on Christmas morning.  

The boys learned rock climbing and mountain biking, excelled at the local mountain in-person school, learned new instruments and have flourished.  One son who struggled academically before found his unique abilities valued at his new school, which propelled him into a gifted student program.

It hasn’t been perfect or easy, but thanks to the “Strong Family Path,” they keep pushing forward and are ready to share that formula with you.  

Joe currently owns multiple companies and uses those organizational lessons as the basis for the proven and repeatable “Strong Family Co.” framework here.

“Trusting us with advice for your family is something we will cherish forever. Thank you.”

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