14: Building Stronger Family Communication Skills: ‘You Have The Floor’ Method Explained

Welcome to the Strong Family Project podcast, a parenting podcast where we believe that building strong families is the foundation for a better world. In each episode, we explore different topics related to family dynamics, parenting, and relationships. Our aim is to provide parents and families with practical tips and advice to help them build healthy and happy relationships.

In today’s episode, we dive into the importance of family communication skills. Communication is key to building healthy relationships within a family, yet it is a skill that is often overlooked or not practiced intentionally. We will discuss various communication strategies and techniques that can improve the quality of communication within a family, including active listening, effective questioning, and empathetic responding.

Our guest for this episode is Joe and Mell and share what they learned from an expert in family communication.  They share insights and experiences working with families to improve their communication skills and build stronger relationships. 

They also provide ONE practical tips called “You Have The Floor”  that families can use to practice better communication.

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