70: Introducing The Strong Family Guidebook!

Strong Family Project Podcast: Introducing the Strong Family Guidebook

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In this episode of the Strong Family Project Podcast, hosts Joe and Mel discuss their newly published book, the 'Strong Family Guidebook', available on Amazon. They highlight that the guidebook not only compiles their previous content (podcasts, articles, YouTube videos) in a cohesive manner but also presents a seven-step process for raising strong families. The steps include establishing core values, implementing family meetings and dinners, setting up morning and evening routines, goal setting, and maintaining healthy household relationships. They also share personal stories and tips for tailoring these steps to individual families.


00:00 Introduction to the Podcast
00:30 The Launch of the Strong Family Guidebook
01:31 The Unique Approach to the Guidebook
02:03 The Content and Structure of the Guidebook
03:20 The Seven Steps of the Path
03:28 The Importance of Core Values
04:25 The Significance of Morning Routine
05:26 The Role of Family Dinners
05:54 The Power of Family Meetings
06:36 The Impact of Goal Setting
07:00 The Importance of Evening Debrief
07:39 The Concept of Household Relationships
09:25 Conclusion and Invitation to Engage

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