75: Planning Your Strong Family Life for the New Year (2024)

Building Resilient, Confident, and Independent Children: The Strong Family Project

In this episode of 'The Strong Family Project Podcast', hosts Joe and Mel discuss the importance of preparing for the upcoming year while reflecting on the successes of the current year.


Step 1: Reflect 
Step 2: Brain Dump
Step 3: Plan 2024

They suggest doing a 10-minute 'brain dump' of everything you want to achieve in the upcoming year, followed by a 15-minute break. After the break, participants should then make a practical and achievable 90-day plan. The importance of expecting and accepting challenges in the new year was discussed, as well as involving children in the family planning process. To aid in this, the hosts point listeners towards resources such as 'The Strong Family Path' and the 'Strong Family Guidebook'.

00:01 Introduction and Welcome
00:18 Setting the Scene for the Holiday Season
00:30 Planning for the New Year
01:32 Discussing Favorite Holiday Traditions
02:59 Embracing Challenges and Building Resilience
09:26 Transitioning to the Main Topic
11:06 Reflecting on the Past Year
12:12 Planning for the Upcoming Year
26:08 Setting Realistic Goals and Expectations
31:51 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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