78: Finding Gratitude In Family Life

Strong Family Project: Episode on Gratitude, Accomplishments and Family Growth

In this episode of the Strong Family Project podcast, the hosts reflect on the past year, discussing their gratitude and family accomplishments. They explore the lessons they've learned about home cooking, their children's development, goal-setting, and how these experiences have strengthened their family connections. The conversation also revolves around their individual rites of passage for their kids, the importance of commemorating meaningful events and maintaining flexibility in achieving goals. Some of their shared practices include homemade food, family activities, and creating a strong family environment. As they prepare for the holiday break, they express their hopes for the New Year.

00:00 Introduction to the Podcast
00:27 Reflecting on the Year and Upcoming Holidays
00:53 Discussion on Hiking and Weather
02:06 Gratitude and Life Situations
02:26 Moving Across the Country and Gratitude
03:56 Psychology in Parenting and Running a Family
05:39 Snow Day and Kids' Activities
06:57 Reflecting on the Podcast Journey
09:17 Homemade Food and Family Time
14:23 Kids' Accomplishments and Rite of Passage
19:13 Planning for 2024 and Lessons Learned
20:43 Conclusion and Christmas Wishes

Joe and Mell discuss gratitude and the importance of being thankful for the situation one is in, rather than constantly wishing for what they don't have. 

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