Biggest Parent Concerns (survey results)

If you want to avoid potholes, it helps to know that they are on the road. Today I’ll cover a handful of major concerns that parents have about raising children. In other words, I’m going to point out the potholes.

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After reviewing recent surveys, here are some of the most common concerns that parents have when raising children:

  1. Safety and Security: The safety and security of their children is a primary concern for most parents. They worry about keeping their children safe from physical harm, accidents, bullying, online predators, and other potential dangers. We have a few guests lined up that will help with home safety protocols soon!
  2. Education: Parents want their children to have access to quality education and opportunities to develop their full potential. They may worry about their child’s academic progress, social development, and future prospects. We’re also worried about public school vs home school. It’s a juggling act between what will serve our kids well and what’s practical.
  3. Health and Well-being: Parents are concerned about their child’s physical and mental health. They worry about providing a healthy diet, regular exercise, and access to medical care, as well as promoting good mental health and resilience. I lumped both big topics into one here because of the tight relationship between physical and mental well being.
  4. Socialization: Parents want their children to have positive social experiences and develop healthy relationships with peers and family members. They worry about their child’s social skills, ability to make friends, and especially exposure to negative influences.
  5. Financial Security: Raising children can be expensive, and parents may worry about providing for their child’s basic needs, as well as saving for their future education or other expenses. They may also be concerned about job security and financial stability in the long term. I’ve been very sharing on the Strong Family Podcast episodes about financial issues tearing my family apart as a kid.

These are some of the most common concerns that parents have when raising children. However, every family is unique, and each parent’s concerns may vary based on their individual circumstances and priorities.

And just pointing out the obstacles doesn’t mean we can always steer around them. We have your back.
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