Hashey Family Secret”Difference Days”

Difference days.

Most days, everyone is out there working because most days are pretty standard.

It’s tough to get ahead and learn more skills.

Then there are what our family calls “difference days.”

These are the days when no one else wants to do the work. It’s challenging.

And the beauty is that you don’t get 1 day better…

…you easily cover 10x more distance.


Simply put, difference days teach you more through overcoming adversity than easy days.

Another beauty?

There’s no special talent required and there’s no shortage of opportunity. No one is left out for any reason other than their will to participate.

Everyone has the same chance to go out and endure.

What does this have to do with families?

Don’t just follow your family path when it’s easy. That role modeling becomes limited because your family will always see those times.

But what about when the wheels are falling off and the schedule is crazy? You have to be at 2 kids events, dinner is burning and work isn’t done.

When you manage these days successfully, your role modeling and family skills are elevated 10x.

Most won’t think of it this way though. They’ll dodge these opportunities and unfortunately their kids will grow up ducking hard times and without the skills to manage difference days.

Next tough day, make a difference.

PS. Henry’s soccer practice is canceled tonight…he decided that doesn’t apply to him.

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